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Improving performance by applying advanced science

Improving performance by applying advanced scienceImproving performance by applying advanced science

Those who help shape our thoughts, help us shape how we think.

About Us:

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to assist clients, helping them to pursue their mission, improved business processes, and address their organizational challenges.  As leaders in Value Science, we have introduced the 4th Dimension to Axiology.  Additionally, we emply the principles of Axiology using a holistic view; we can help businesses and organizations: 

Now HBS has introduced the 4th Dimension in Value Science - the Atmospheric Realm.  Employing the 4th Dimension with Value Science tools enables us to offer a scientific and comprehensive approach.  This aids in better analyzing, qualifying, and quantifying problems and opportunities, all relative to your success. 

HBS was launched in 2011 with its business modeling research starting in 2000.  HBS uses Value Sciences (Axiological) to serve its clients and contribute to advancing research in Value Science.  HBS focuses on continual business improvement and continual learning to stay ahead of the learning curve while developing and delivering optimum client value.

Douglas C. Lawrence, President and Founder


Doug’s management and research and development expertise covers more than twenty-five years. During that time he has worked with Fortune 500 technology leaders and has provided them with software, management solutions and leading edge technology.

  • Founder and President of Holistic Business Strategies in 2011
  • Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SolveTech, Inc. in 1981
  • Developed expertise in business consulting, modeling and strategic planning with Fortune 500 business leaders
  • Mr. Lawrence’s technology solutions and systems are developed and deployed globally to: Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, and Brazil.
  • Research Engineer at the DuPont’s Engineering Physics Lab


  • US Patent for a Capacitive Gauge
  • Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Delaware.
  • Provisional Patent for Business Modeling and Strategic Analysis
  • Graduated with Honors from the University of Delaware (Electrical Engineering)


  • President of Eta Kappa Nu, senior year
  • Vietnam Era Veteran serving as an Automatic Flight Controls Specialist in the US Air Force with service in Taiwan and Thailand.

Doug is happily married with four children. He has many interests including photography, reading and the study of global religions and cultures.

Contact Doug Lawrence at dougl@hbshelp.com


Paul J. Rafalowski, Vice President of Sales and Marketing


 Paul's experience spans over twenty-five years in hiring, leading, and motivating teams.  Paul has developed and implemented sales and marketing programs.  Also, he has extensive sales experience.  Paul served on Bell Atlantic's Knowledge Launch Team and, then, led the team.  Highlights of his assignments include:

  • Vice-President of Sales & Marketing, Holistic Business Strategies, Inc.
  • Adjunct Faculty, DeSales University teaching marketing curriculum
  • Principal of ClientPath, LLC a sales and marketing consultancy firm
  • Regional Sales Engineering Manager, Verizon Communications

Paul also held sales and senior marketing positions at AT&T, Sprint, and Bellcore.


  • MS - Dynamics of Organization, University of Pennsylvania
  • MBA - De Sales University (in progress)
  • BA - Political Science, La Salle University
  • Advanced Industrial Marketing Strategy Wharton’s Executive Education Program
  • Dale Carnegie Sales Training (Human Relations Award)


  • Volunteer leader with: Boy Scouts, Youth Groups and community associations
  • Past Board Member, Philadelphia Chapter of American Marketing Association
  • Past Board Member, De Sales University MBA Association
  • Sergeant, Squad Leader in the USMCR

Paul is happily married with three children and six grand-daughters. He has served as a leader in Community programs including: Boy Scouts, Juniper Lane Swim Club and Youth Group Leader. Also Paul current interests include: exercise and nutrition. 


Rem Edwards, Lead - Axiology Research & Applications

A. B. with Philosophy major, Emory University, 1956.(Emory at Oxford--1952-54) B. D., Yale University, 1959. (About a year's work for this degree was done in the graduate school of Philosophy at Yale).

Ph.D., Emory University in Philosophy, 1962 (Dissertation topic: Freedom, Responsibility and Obligation. Director--Professor Leroy E. Loemker.)

Eta Sigma Psi (Honorary Leadership Society), Alpha Epsilon Upsilon (Honorary Scholastic Society), Phi Beta Kappa, National Methodist Scholarship, 1953-54. Danforth Graduate Fellowship, 1956-62.


  • Teaching Assistant at Emory University
  • Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL
  • Associate Professor of Philosophy at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
  • Professor of Philosophy (now Emeritus) at the University of Tennessee

Ethics, Metaethics, Medical Ethics, Axiology, Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology, American Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Process Philosophy.


  • American Philosophical Association
  • Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology (Program Chairman in 1973; Council Member, 1980-83; President Elect, 1983-84; President, 1984-85; Past President, 1985-86; Chairman of Griffith Awards Committee in Philosophy, 1985-86, 1986-87)
  • Tennessee Philosophical Association (President, 1973-74)
  • American Society for Value Inquiry (Founding sponsor and member)
  • Society for Philosophy of Religion (Council, 1977-1980; Vice President and Program Chairman, 1980-81; President, 1981-82; Council, 1982-83)
  • Robert S. Hartman Institute for Formal and Applied Axiology (Charter Member, Board of Directors from 1987 to present; Chairman of Committee on Research 1987-89; Secretary-Treasurer 1989 to 2007; Secretary 2007 to the present. Program Chairman 1992-1998; Webmaster from 2000 to the present. Editor of JOURNAL OF FORMAL AXIOLOGY: THEORY AND PRACTICE beginning in 2008.
  • The Associates for Philosophy of Religion (Secretary-Treasurer, 1982--1997)


  • Danforth Associate, 1964-66.
  • Chancellor's Research Scholar, The University of Tennessee, 1985.
  • Distinguished Emory-at-Oxford Alumnus, 1987.
  • Lindsay Young Professor of Philosophy (Humanities), The University of Tennessee, 1987-98.
  • Marshal for the College of Arts and Sciences at the December 1996 graduation