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With every day there is a new beginning, a new day.

What resources will you use today to make this new day your best day? 

 Below are resources to help better understand Value Science. We will be adding to this list of publications as life-long learning is a continuing process. Additionally, we invite your comments and suggestions.


Introducing the 4th Dimension of Axiology - The Atmospheric Realm by Douglas C. Lawrence

If you are interested in deepening your insights and expanding your awareness this Special Report is for you. This report can help you improve decision making through expanding your visual perspective. There are many relevant and related factors influencing and controlling our lives. Being more aware of them is a great first step!


Introducing the 4th Dimension of Axiology


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The Essentials of Formal Axiology by Dr. Rem Edwards


Making  intelligent decisions is vital to success in today’s world. We  constantly see the critical and consequential role that ‘values’ play in  our complex lives. This book explains and advances formal axiology  (Value Science) as originally developed by Robert S. Hartman. Formal  axiology identifies the general patterns involved in (1) the meaning of  "good" and other value concepts, in (2) what we value (value objects),  and in (3) how we value (valuations or evaluations). It explains the  rational, practical, and affective aspects of evaluation and shows how  to make value judgments more rationally and effectively.

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